We offer sale and attestation of liferafts with whole gear(hydrostatic release Hammar H20,deck cradle with lashing,belts). This rafts can be used onto sea ships and yachts in accordance with SOLAS convention.


We offer a lot of pyrotechnical resources like a: red handflare, parachute rocktes, MOB light-smoke signals, smoke signals, line-throwing device.

Rescue resources

This group of commodities is required on all swimming individuals: rescue belts, immersion suit crewsaver SOLAS, lifebuoy.

Lighting of rescue resources

In this group of commodities we introduce often applied lighting of rescue resources compliant with SOLAS convention: light for liferafts, light for belts and immersion suit, light for lifebuoy.

Equipment of rescue resources

This group of commodities is the whole of equipment what every rescue raft possesses in accordance with SOLAS convention: drinking water, pyrotechnics, medicine-chests, light of liferaft, resources of thermal protection, hydrostatic release Hammar, food rations, reflective marking tape.

IMO Symbols

We have got a wide scale of reflective symbols legal with IMO resolution. They are in different dimensions. Among those symbols there are anti fire symbols, equipments safeties, symbols of showing the way of evacuation, personal protection symbols, warning about the danger, noise and risk.

Besides reflective symbols we have posters also called Safety Posters.